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Online concept benefits

Alternative solution to standard annual corporate parties

Unites any number of participants from different parts of the world

Delevering high quality virtual and hybrid events during the pandemic

A bright event that raises corporate spirit
company employees


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Unite your remote team

How to keep attention in an online event

Interactive event management using the most engaging virtual event platforms as well as professional live streaming production

Personal Gift boxes with gifts, branded souvenirs or necessary items for the game, as well as ingredients for a cocktail / dish

A professionally designed script that fulfills the tasks and goals of your company

Non-stop interaction between hosts and audience, connection of participants to the air of the studio for interactive activities and congratulations

Thanks to lottery of valuable gifts and prizes at various stages of the event the intrigue is kept until the end of the broadcast

Online events examples

Online QUEST / Team Building

A powerful tool for strengthening relationships between employees. It is especially effective when the team is working remotely for a long time.
Team game that promotes team building principles
Two formats: team competition format or one goal game
Interactive virtual logical tasks, detective investigations, team building methods
Individual boxes with the necessary items for each participant

Meeting a celebrity

Spending an evening in the company of a famous person - isn't that a dream? The format is unique and inimitable - this can only happen this evening!
A famous person can be a famous artist, an influencer or a professional in your field.
A creative evening with a famous person, where each participant will be able to chat with a star guest
Emphasize the value of employees, communication in an informal atmosphere
The uniqueness of the event is that it happens here and now: it's only this evening, only for you and live

Challenge night

An intriguing dynamic show that will attract every participant
Dive into the most trendy challenges popular on social media networks. Try something that you didn’t dare before, experience the excitement and risk!
Each guest has the opportunity to take part in the challenge, interact with the studio using virtual event platforms, manage the game here and now
Virtual bets: will the challenge be completed or not?
Individual boxes for each participant with the necessary items for the game

Online - show

Exclusive event for your corporate party - a combined format of the official part of the event of a real television show. There is a place for solemnity, awards and entertaining interactive activities
Development of an individual scenario
The possibility of inviting celebrity guests
Sending boxes with the necessary thematic attributes, props, gifts, lottery tickets to each participant
The effect of being present on a real TV show. The broadcast comes from a professional streaming studio. Summing up the results of the year for the company, expressing gratitude to employees, inspiring employees to develop growth together with the company

Online - quiz

Intellectual and entertaining game
The ability to play both in teams and separately for each participant
Selection of headings for the interests and specialization of the company
Possible formats: What? Where? When? / Super Intuition / Where is the logic? / Guess the tune and other TV formats for your choice

Cooking class

Corporate event for an audience of up to 30 people
Participants prepare a certain dish (or set). There is a host of the class who interacts with the participants by conducting mini-quizzes and questionnaires and the chef of the class who conducts how to prepare a dish. And at the end everyone demonstrate their dishes and can vote for the best performance of the dish of the evening
Host interacts with participants and the chef provides valuable culinary advice. A chef can be an employee of a well-known restaurant.
Every participant will be provided with Individual boxes with all the necessary ingredients for the master class.
Involving all participants in the cooking process equals creating strong bonds in the team


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Authors concept

from 799$Quiz | Detective | Team building
  • Live streaming via online event platforms (ZOOM, GoogleMeet ets.)
  • Host
  • Entertainment program

Authors concept

from 999$Challenge night | Quiz | Detective | Team building
  • Live streaming via online event platforms (ZOOM, GoogleMeet ets.)
  • Host
  • Entertainment program
  • Cutting-edge equipment (audio, video, screen and lightning)

Authors concept

from 2999$Online show| Challenge night Quiz | Detective | Team building
  • Broadcast from on-air studio (using online platforms)
  • Host
  • Personalized script
  • Personalized media content
  • Studio entourage

Authors concept

from 3999$Online show | Challenge night Quiz | Detective | Team building
  • Broadcast from on-air studio (using online platforms)
  • Two hosts
  • Personalized script
  • Personalized media content
  • Thematic studio entourage
  • Celebrity

The cost and delivery of Gift boxes is calculated individually and can be additionally included in any type of event.
The optimal cost of a Gift-box is 20 $ / person (example of a set: 2 types of mini-alcohol, lime, soft drink, branded cocktail glass, branded New Year’s gingerbread, confetti, gift box, company logo sticker).