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Modern technologies and bright concepts of the event, adapted to your wishes and requests

Instead of a feast with boring competitions – interesting activities and total immersion in the atmosphere of a conceptual event

The maximum concentration of positive emotions and free space for communication

Authors and directors with 10 years of experience in the entertainment industry, who will provide you with a unique event with a stylish aesthetic and spectacular show

Hosts, artists, DJ, musicians, decorators – a well-coordinated team of professionals who can fully dive into the idea of the event and realize your expectations

High-quality photos and video reports that will revive pleasant memories. Likes and reposts guaranteed

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RUSH - full cycle event agency

RUSH is the PERFECT event agency for organizing creative and exciting events in a unique format. We create custom-made events that allow you to escape from working routine and ordinary days. But it’s not enough just to go on vacation or set the table well and invite a dozen guests – it quickly becomes boring and  uninteresting.

You will need the RUSH event studio, To feel the taste of life again. We offer you to hold an event of any complexity, but certainly dynamic and  attractive, and memorable and with novelty.

At the same time, we provide services of an advertising marketing event (event) agency, creating unforgettable bright events for your clients, partners, investors – all those whom you need to pleasantly surprise and motivate. We use a wide variety of “chips”, but are categorically against the standard format of attracting attention: it does not work or does not give the same effectiveness as before. Ordering the organization of events at RUSH is the right step for business. Check it out by viewing our rich case studies.
Additionally, the event agency website demonstrates a variety of event options along with video customer reviews. You will not find a single similar event – for each customer we select an individual format according to the theme, duration, venue and other parameters.

WE organize holidays and hold turnkey festive events

Will a party and entertainment agency convince you to go to him if all you see on the pages are ready-made scripts? Even if a particular option has been useful to a dozen clients, who said that it will be just as effective for you? We provide assistance in organizing holidays and events, and the key word here is “help”. This means that our specialists examine the situation from different angles, figuring out which approach will be the most productive. From the result of research based on clients negotiation and needs, a list of services is formed:

  1. Corporate events. They can be thematic, indoor (cafes, restaurants, clubs) or outdoor.
  2. Weddings. For this day, you definitely need to order a celebration, otherwise you risk changing the role of bride for a “wedding planner”. 
  3. New Year’s Party. Yes, it happens only once a year, and the holiday organizer company must make this one day the brightest until the next New Year. And we can do it!
  4. Birthdays. No matter how old you are, we are always ready to wake up the child in you or show what an adult and well organized person you are. Or maybe even what a great leader you are. It all depends on you and your mood.
  5. Business events. We will provide a properly designed and prepared conference hall, help you make a presentation, write a script for any exhibition or show, provide professional AV support and live streaming production equipment as well.

Firms involved in organizing holidays in Ukraine should be able to adapt existing scenarios to the needs of the client, and if this is not possible, develop a new exciting plot. We are professionals in our field, so we rely on an exclusive approach, surprising even the most experienced person. Study our website of the event agency and draw the conclusion that our clients have seen in practice: we practice an individual approach, but always completely removing the burden of organizational hassle from the customer. We say a firm “No!” extra expenses and excesses, completely excluding these two aspects from the scenario of any event.

We organize and hold Anniversaries and Parties

Services of professional organization of anniversaries and parties from RUSH are based on the formation of a unique concept for the client. There are no universal “soldiers” in our team: everyone is responsible for a certain block of work in which he has become a real specialist. It is impossible to be a professional in everything, but in one direction – administrative, financial, directing – it is quite possible. What we prove by guaranteeing customers:

  • efficiency in finding the optimal solution to any situation;
  • the embodiment of creative events that work for the benefit of the hero (you, your firm or company) of the occasion;
  • reducing the risk of a breakdown to almost zero (we keep our finger on the pulse 24 hours a day);
  • transparent budget and a visible way of financial transactions: we provide reports on each stage.The organizer of solemn events will not cope with the task on his own – there are too many nuances to take into account. But when there is a close-knit team behind you, who clearly knows their duties and performs them on time, the project is carried out easily and well before the deadline.

The price of organizing a turnkey event by RUSH

What is the cost of organizing a turnkey event? The first and most important thing is the type of event in which you need a range of services from the RUSH event agency. A corporate event, a birthday, a wedding and a festive event has completely different parameters: specifics, scale, number of guests, timing, and… to discuss. Here even choosing the right topic is significant. In some cases you need to interest the client (in this case, we work as an agency for organizing b2b corporate events), and in other – to entertain the audience, consisting of people of completely different ages and interests.

In the latter case, the classic solution has always been to order a party with a kind of “mass entertainer” who memorizes banal jokes. But then you don’t have to rely on sincere emotions and delight. But if you include a bit of creativity in the price list of the RUSH event agency, the most principled guests will like the result.

We form a team of those who will deal with your project, select the theme, the best venue, the line-up of artists and presenters. The prices of events directly depend on these parameters. But remember: we create a bright and memorable event even with a minimal budget. High qualification in the organization of holidays is exactly how you can characterize us. Creative, reliable, bright, unusual event agency – that’s what we can say about our work!