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Get rid of real problems in the team with the help of effective online team building events from the event agency Rush

It is difficult for the whole staff to get to a corporate event, and Covid-times turned this job into Mission Impossible. But the Rush event agency was able to radically solve this problem: using digital technologies. We quickly turned the usual offline team training into online team building. We know the importance of maintaining employee loyalty to the employer, and communication between employees and colleagues. And while social distancing requirements take the stage and masks are a strong recommendation, we are reducing the distance between employees with the help of an online format of quizzes, quests and workshops based on original scripts.

Thanks to the creativity of our team technical production equipment most of the offline team concepts from the Rush catalog can be used for online events. In some places, we slightly changed the mechanics, focusing on the written reception of participants’ answers, and also abandoned the “speed” indicator, which was a priority in some training sessions.

We propose case studies of online team building events:

  • What? Where? When?”,
  • Super Intuition,
  • Who is on top?”,
  • Mafia,
  • Master classes.

Find out more about, by leaving a request on the website.

Talk to Us to discuss which option is right for your company, taking into account the number of participants, corporate culture and other parameters and as to how we can help benefit your venue

Online team building from RUSH event agency and 5 reasons to choose this format

It’s not just Covid and its associated restrictions that could be the reason why an online approach to organizing might be a better fit for you. Some companies have many branches scattered throughout the country, but interacting on an ongoing basis with each other. In such an environment, it is very difficult to gather people in one location, and to rally a team is an almost impossible task.

Empirically, we have identified 5 reasons why online events are effective for any size businesses:

  1. Saving travel time. It doesn’t matter if the event is held within the same city or the participants go to a specific point on the map – time is wasted anyway. Online participation allows you to be anywhere where there is a suitable device to access the Internet.
  2. Informal environment creation. Modern corporations do everything to create an informal atmosphere where people will feel relaxed and friendly . Just like in online team building events. There is no strict dress code, hierarchical seating at the table: each person feels relaxed.
  3. Unlimited number of participants. There are no restrictions on the number of participants: you can connect both 4-6 employees and colleagues from a large number of employees. It all depends on the chosen platform: Zoom, Twitch, WhatsApp (in each case, we select the viewing option).
  4. Cost effectiveness. You do not have to spend money on audio and video equipment, renting a room , service staff, a photographer, decoration, photo zones and a DJ. Host and assistants will be enough. And even home delivery of food for participants will not be more expensive than the usual banquet price tag.
  5. Unusual experience. Each participant can feel like in a computer game: it doesn’t matter where he is physically, as long as he is emotionally online. For remote employees, due to recent events and quarantine restrictions, such an approach is not a novelty, but a reality, and therefore, involvement in the training process will be complete.

The training includes a minimum of theory: the main focus is on practice – working out interaction, exercises for cohesion in a game format, working out difficult situations. The facilitator and administrator supervise the process of completing tasks, smooth out conflicts, help to involve everyone in the process, and give each participant the opportunity to fully open up.

Remote team building is a virtual solution to real team problems

In fact, such a format pursues all the same goals as a face-to-face meeting of employees. The benefits of online meetings for team building have been clearly proven by psychologists, satisfied managers and hundreds of clients who have solved a lot of problems within the communication in the company with our help.

Team building results that will delight you:

  1. See what specifically hinders full-fledged teamwork.
  2. You will work out the difficulties of communication in skillfully created conditions of the game format. The participants will have to communicate closely with each other to win.
  3. The team will let go of the stress and tension caused by quarantine and remote work: positive emotions, excitement and involvement do a great job with this task. Not for everyone, adaptation to new conditions was easy and painless.
  4. The joint execution of tasks, the search for answers to questions increase team spirit, help identify leaders, and contribute to more effective interaction between all team members.
  5. The previous paragraph goes on logically: you can more clearly see which employees are in the right place, who needs training, and who should be replaced altogether.
  6. Professional skills mean little in the format of the game, but personal qualities, experience in solving complex problems, and the ability to quickly navigate in a changed environment come to the fore.
  7. Employees will deal with the resolution of problems themselves, turning to management only for approval of the decisions made.

We take care of organizational issues, including the selection of the optimal platform for convenient communication between all participants. As a rule, we divide the team into teams of 4 players. We found out that this is the optimal number of people, since conference calls impose their own limitations.

For comparison: for comfortable interaction in a live format event we recommend seating for 6-7 people.

Each participant is given a link to the event. Live broadcast will begin at the specified time: you can connect to it from any device (phone, tablet, PC, laptop). The host announces the rules, shows the information required on the task, reads out the answers, sums up the results. Discussion of issues between the players takes place in a group chat, closed to other participants, on one of the popular platforms (Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom). Team captains, after making a decision, send the result within the allotted time. All tasks have deadlines after which no answers are accepted: this is how we maintain a fair spirit of struggle.

The host announces the results at the end of each round . Assistants work together with him, studying messages from teams, counting points, leading the standings. This “behind the scenes” activity is carried out by our experienced managers who have held more than a dozen such events of various sizes.

Choosing a concept for team building activity

The team building activities available in the portfolio of the RUSH event agency are designed to achieve different goals:

  1. Creative-oriented companies will prefer to discover the creative potential of employees and motivate them to generate ideas and projects.
  2. If the company is a newcomer to form a corporate culture, values, and find a balance between junior and senior staff  is a priority for it.
  3. If the company is looking for a responsible leader, intellectual games are more likely to come in handy. It allows you to identify people management skills in an environment where decisions need to be made quickly.

There are many such moments and nuances, but RUSH knows how to connect the team, simultaneously completing the tasks. Talk to Us to start the process of selecting the ideal scenario for your company, just leave a request on the site, and our manager will contact you to help benefit your venue.

Our team building is not just active communication, “movement”, but a full-fledged training of the team. We take a responsible approach to all stages, from the client’s call to the implementation of the project: we listen to your wishes, create an individual program or change an existing one. Talk to Us to solve global and local problems of your company in a few hours of effective and interesting team building!