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Online corporate events: new format effective business tool

After the whole world switched to an online work format, communication at a social distance and a simultaneous lunch break via Zoom became an everyday routine. In this case, an online corporate event no longer seems strange or unusual. This is a necessary measure. But it can be exciting, funny and even gambling.

Do you know why online corporate parties are so important during quarantine?For some, the transition to remote work has become a new opportunity for self-realization, while for others it has become the reason for a decrease in efficiency. In fact, in every company there is a division into 2 types of employees:

  1. An employee who performs tasks slowly, like he is exhausted. You don’t notice him on general calls, he answers only specific questions and only does what is expected of him. After the chat ends, he turns on the series, does household chores, looks for other vacancies (underline as necessary). If he is asked about the lack of results, he will write it off for the crisis.
  2. For others, this format of work is a personal challenge, which is why they work twice harder. Those people are looking for opportunities to adapt their business to changing conditions. Active, inspired person that offers a lot of new ideas.

Both groups are your colleagues and subordinates. The difference is only in values. The success of a business directly depends on how many people join the first “camp” and how many join the second. The real growth of the business gives the engagement of employees in the result, prosperity and their desire to follow the values ​​of the company.

Event agency RUSH online corporate party

How to change the ratio of communication of employees in favor of your business? There is an effective tool for this purpose – an online corporate party. It’s specific qualities have changed due to Covid times, but thanks to the efforts of the RUSH event agency, this psychological move remains an effective way:

  • team inspiration
  • team building,
  •  inside problem solving,
  • relaxed atmosphere creation.

The last but not the least is our highlight. As practice shows, the transition to new conditions of work was really not easy for everyone, and this psychological discomfort also needs to be worked out.

Event agency RUSH offers organization of online remote corporate parties in several formats:

  1. Themed QUESTS with different plots. In this option, all tasks will be associated with one story. Participants are divided into teams, communicate with each other in a chat, discussing the passage.
  2. Quizzes are quiz games in which there is a host (he is filmed by the operator and shown live) or a moderator who accompanies the participants throughout the game via chat or broadcast.
  3. Master classes for corporate party. Their main idea is to create something beautiful, useful and tasty with your own hands. In most cases, event participants receive a basket with everything they need delivered to their homes.

The RUSH team is ready to select the most interesting and inspiring scenario for you. Choose one of the options for an online holiday on this page and we will levet up it for you:

  • corporate values ​​in the minds of employees;
  • proactivity without direct task settings;
  • result oriented work, expressed in self-development even outside working hours;
  • adaptability to the transition of work to digital reality;
  • development of teamwork skills, even if it is temporarily and at a social distance.

If you didn’t find the values ​​that were important specifically for your business? Then we would create and hold an exclusive party, completely designed with an individual problems solving approach.

Hurry up to order a remote corporate party on a turnk-key basis!

While quarantine is raging outside, we are organizing a real antivirus event for corporations, companies and teams. Advantages of providing online services:

  • no need to go anywhere: you can join from anywhere in the world;
  • any device is suitable for connection: phone, tablet, laptop, PC;
  • no need to prepare specially: the props will be delivered (if necessary), instructions will be given out;
  • every participant is located in the way that is convenient for him: his personal space remains personal.

Live communication in one space is now an unaffordable luxury. Therefore, we combined the active interaction of colleagues and the excitement of the game, using the available  virtual space for a minimum social distance.

We discuss all the nuances with the customer in advance, and the participants are left with the visible part of the online event:

  • The main information – date, time and format of the event – will be sent through the mailing list. We will indicate if any additional programs are needed, we will send instructions and rules.
  • The format of the event is selected taking into account corporate ethics, the number of people, age of groups. Therefore, it will be interesting for everyone! In addition, the team will be divided into teams of 3-4 people (optimal number, from our practice).
  • Each team will have their own chat where they can discuss tactics, strategy, questions. Messengers and social networks will be used.
  • By the appointed time, the participants will start the broadcast, and the game has begun! If the option with the host is selected, then he will read out the questions himself, giving the countdown to the timer. If there is a moderator, then it will be possible to fill out forms / send a response to the chat.
  • In any of the presented options, all answers are collected, analyzed, the execution time and other parameters are taken into account (they will be mentioned in the rules).

The RUSH event agency is ready to craft its experience to  take care of the entire organization, including the preparation of the online platform, the author’s script, directing, and technical support. All you need is to call us right now to discuss the format in which we will help you solve the corporate problems of your team and business, bringing it to a new level. Solve real problems with the help of virtual space, reducing the social distance to the success of your enterprise!