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AV Celebrity Congratulations


Do you want the Celebrity Congratulations that will raise the spirit of your team?

Design your needs and we will transform them into the best result

You get

Virtual party and awards to congratulate your best employees in a proper way

An online show that will raise engagement rate of your company’s social networks

An engaging event of a new online format with stories and values ​​of the team

Perfect preparation in a modern studio, as well as an individual script and high-quality streaming production

Celebrity autographs for the best employees

Holding a safe corporate event during a pandemic


Audio and Video greetings from the stars - personal and bright impressions from idols!

How to surprise a person of the XXI century? Modern problems require modern solutions, and the RUSH event agency has found an ideal way out of its situation – now you have the opportunity to order audio and video greetings from stars, celebrities, sharing bright impressions with remotely working employees – or add an original corporate video by turning on the broadcast on the big screen.

Who should order a video greeting from stars and celebrities?

Attention! No fakes, re-voicing, photoshop and other cheating facilities! Only real cameos:

  • broadcasters,
  • bloggers,
  • actors,
  • World and Ukrainian Celebrities.

And even if you are ready to bring people together for a corporate event during quarantine, the video message will be the “icing” on the cake of the holiday, emphasizing the uniqueness of the event.

Who should order a video greeting from famous actors, bloggers, celebrities and broadcasters:

  • tired of the classic set of “money-flowers-cups-sweets”;
  • those who want to make an unusual gift to their beloved on an important day for him / her;
  • those who are eager to surprise their soulmate on their birthday or wedding;
  • dreaming of creating pleasant memories for a loved one;
  • seeking to emphasize the atmosphere of the celebration, regardless of the occasion on which it is held.

Celebrity congratulations – is the perfect solution for those who seek the answer to the burning question “what to give ?!”. And also in detail we answer a few more important questions.

AV Celebrity congratulations: what, where, when and how much does it cost?

We do not play a quiz, but we answer the most burning organizational questions right here and right now:

    1. What is an AV congratulation? This is a short video recorded by a personally chosen celebrity for your beloved, daughter, father, friends, colleagues, bosses … and someone you did not find on this list, but this person is important to you.
    2. Where is the filming taking place? As a rule, we organize a film set for a star in a convenient location, providing a full staff of staff (make-up artist, operator, designer, ets). But some stars do not have the opportunity to personally come to the shooting, so they shoot video congratulations on their own.
    3. When is the best time to give a present? A holiday can be anything: from a significant event in your life or the life of a company to a pleasant surprise for a beloved one. By the way, sometimes it’s worth giving emotions “just like that.”
    4. How much does the service cost? It is difficult to say the exact cost, because we work with celebrities of different scales, levels and prices. To find out the exact price, send a request on the site, indicate your wishes for the content, whom to congratulate and other important details. Our managers will contact you during business hours to discuss the details.

While the world around us continues to adapt to the changing conditions of life, forcing society to keep a distance of the cherished 1.5 m, the RUSH event agency is reducing the distance between stars and fans. With the help of online technologies, we create high-quality personalized content – audio video greetings from actors and celebrities, giving positive emotions. All you need is to make 3 clicks on the site:

    • Click the button “Invite a CELEBRITY”;
    • Point your name;
    • Leave your phone number.

That’s it! So easy! It took less than a minute! We will call you back to clarify the details. If you are not sure what exactly you want, we will help you formulate, understand and realize that very vague desire and cherish WOW moments. Yes, yes, we can do this too, we know how! Call Us TODAY! Do not hesitate: we love to communicate with our customers!